Advanced Computer Imaging

Computer imaging programs have become an excellent tool to help with the planning for smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation treatments for patients. Dr Stephen Phelan in Oakville and Toronto, Canada uses SmileVision and EnvisionaSmile imaging software to create previews that allow patients to see what their new smile could look like with various treatment options. This software is helpful in the pretreatment planning for a new smile and can help Dr. Phelan and the patient plan out the desired incisal edge position, tooth shape and smile line before treatment even begins.

While the software cannot guarantee exact result it ensures that patients and Dr StephenPhelan share a common goal for the case.

Some patients who are considering a Smile Makeover may not be totally sure a Smile Makeover would be for them. In cases like these the computer imaging software may be helpful in showing realistic potential results. This process may help prevent patients starting treatment with unrealistic goals and makes sure the entire team has a shared vision for the final outcome.

The example below illustrates a patient that had a full mouth rehabilitation and you can see how the cosmetic imaging helped to guide the final tooth shape and position.

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