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Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic Dentistry, Oakville  Dentist

Dr. Stephen Phelan is proud to be one of the first general dentists in Canada to offer Microscope Dentistry. Using a powerful Zeiss ProErgo Dental Microscope or the 4.5x Ziess Loupes, Dr. Phelan can precisely examine your teeth and gums and detect microscopic problems not visible to the naked eye. This means a dental problem can be treated before it has a chance to become more serious. In addition, the magnification allows him to treat the problem in a much more precise manner.

When using the high magnification of the microscope or loupes during restorative procedures like bonding porcelain restorations and veneers, Dr. Phelan is able to see details that are simply impossible to visualize with the naked eye.

Microscopic dentistry provides a precision in dental care that is exceptional and the ability to use very high levels of magnification to improve diagnosis and dental treatment is transforming the way that we practice dentistry.

To schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Stephen Phelan, please call our office at 905.827.1619 or toll free at 1.888.560.9727.

Microscopic Dentistry, Oakville  Dentist

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